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​IMPACT // Sunday nights 6pm-8pm, Grades 7-12:

            Join us for weekly youth group events! We meet each Sunday night during the school year (mid-August thru mid-May).  On a typical Sunday night, we meet in our Potter Chapel for small group discussions on the particular Scripture for the week and how it can relate to our lives today.  We then play a variety of large group games or help out with different outreach opportunities that are a part of our church's ministry.  About once a month, we do some sort of special event like laser tag, bowling, a corn maze trip, or church-wide events.

DEVOS // Tuesday nights, 8pm-9pm, Grades 9-12:

            While our Impact events on Sunday night offer time for fellowship and faith development in a large group, our Devos gathering offers more of a small group setting.  Each week we meet in our Youth Prayer Room on the 3rd floor and have time to check-in on each other's lives, and end with a devotion to discuss. This smaller group allows for more in-depth discussion and more personal connections with one another.  The meeting schedule is the same as Impact (mid-August thru mid-May).

Sunday School // 10:30am-11:15am, Sunday mornings:

            There is Sunday school offered for Jr. High (7th-8th grade) and Sr. High (9th-12th) through the school year.  These classes meet on the 3rd floor of our church! Topics include the Scripture used for the sermon that week, or other related topics that students feel called to discuss.  The classes are often student-led, and sometimes combined for a larger group discussion.

Confirmation // Classes to become a member of WUMC, 8th grade and older:

            Throughout October to March each year, Confirmation meets to share the history of the United Methodist Church, how our denomination differs from others, and what it means to be a member of our local church, Worthington UMC.  Along with that, this offers the chance for this group to grow in fellowship and learn more about their own personal faith.  The journey culminates on Confirmation Sunday which is typically the Sunday after Easter each year.

Summer Camps // For entering 8th grade through graduated Senior:

Work Camp – Each year our youth group takes a week-long mission trip to a different location throughout the mid-west.  This is offered for anyone entering 9th grade through finishing their senior year.  We have visited locations including Washington D.C., Chicago, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  Changing locations each year allows us to participate in a variety of volunteer experiences – through these particular locations, we have served in inner-city ministries, children's programs, served at homeless shelters and clothing rooms, and worked on farms.  This year, we are traveling to Gatlinburg, TN, June 18th - 23rd.

ReachOut Camp – In addition to our mission trip, our youth group annually attends ReachOut, which is a church camp for middle and high school students through the East Ohio Conference of the UMC.  The camp takes place in Lakeside, Ohio, which is a gated community right on Lake Erie in Port Clinton.  What makes ReachOut unique, is that it is run by a group of 7 juniors and seniors who have been elected by fellow campers to be the Planning Committee. This group of teens meets each month to plan the entire camp –from a theme verse to bible studies, worship services, and lots of recreational activities.  There is also a two-day mission trip on Tuesday-Wednesday that the camp breaks down into 12 mission groups and serves all over Northern, Ohio. For more information on this camp, you can visit the website here:  This camp is for those entering 8th grade through graduated seniors. The week of camp this year is July 9th-15th. ​